Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Wow!  I can't believe it's been so long since I posted.  I've been busy with life, which has a way of happening.

I thought I'd share the treats I made for my family.  I made them all cards, plus I made the girls treat bags and made my husband a Valentine box filled with what else -- kisses.  Both girls' bags had the same amount of candy to start with, but I forgot to take pictures before they were given and you can't expect kids to keep out of candy just so Mom can get a photo :)

We made a similar treat bag in the Preschool Fundraiser class I held recently.  The bag was the small size and the Top Note was turned the other way -- so it was narrower and taller.  I didn't get a picture of that either before I gave it away.  Guess I have to work on that.

All supplies are Stampin' Up except the initials on the bags (but I do have the Stampin' Up alphabets and use those, too -- this alphabet just seemed a little more "teenager-ish").

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day.

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