Friday, April 15, 2011

Graduation Cap Gift Card Holder and Card

Hi Stampers!  I'm really excited about today's card.  A long time ago I had a template for a graduation cap that also was a gift card holder.  It involved a lot of tracing and cutting.  I went to find it this year and then decided I really didn't feel like tracing and cutting.  After all, that's why I own a big shot! LOL

So, here's one of the cards we'll be making in the Graduation Celebration class on 4/27 (evening) and 4/28 (morning).  See the full details on the Classes page.  Also, I had a request to offer this on a weekend.  Let me know if you'd prefer that and I'll add another session.  But let me know soon so I can order supplies!

The front uses the Square Scallop Bigz Clear die.  I think it makes a fun cap shape.  I used a 5/8" jumbo brad and grosgrain ribbon for the tassle.  I was very happy when I asked my daughter if she knew what it was supposed to be and (after looking at me as if I was asking a trick question) answered a graduation cap.  Always good to make sure someone else is seeing the same thing I am :)

Here's the inside of the card.  I chose to make the back straight and a little smaller.  It seemed more like the cap part that way (not that I made it 3-d, but once I think of something like that, I've got to go with it).  I scored the back piece of card stock at 3/8" and folded it to make a hinge (I guess that's the best word for it).  Then I ran SNAIL adhesive along the hinge part and attached it to the scallop square so that when you open the card you don't see the hinge.  The gift card is in no way an advertisement.  It just happens to be one I had on hand for demonstration purposes.

I added a little bonus message when the card is removed.  I was thinking something like, "Imagine the possibilities that await you now that you've graduated."  My teenage daughter thought this, "Imagine the possiblities that you can spend this gift card on."  LOL  Either way, it works and I kind of like the double meaning.

The two top messages are from Word Play, a set with lots of good, unique sentiments.  Congratulations comes from the hostess set in the Occasions Mini Catalog, Something to Celebrate and Happy Graduation is from that extremely useful set, Teeny Tiny Wishes.

Hope you enjoyed today's card.  Contact me to register for the Graduation Celebration class to make one of your own.

Sue Root, Stampin' Up Demonstrator


MaGoooo said...

Super CUTE!!!

Hope you are safe & doing okay there!

Anonymous said...

I love this.... I have a son graduating and would love to turn it into a thank you card..... What did you use for the tassel?

Sue Root said...

Thank you to both of you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate the compliments.

I used grosgrain ribbon for the tassle. I pulled one of the threads that goes crossways and it unraveled. Make sure to stop a 1/2" or so from the top -- otherwise you just get a bunch of strings.

I pushed the tips of the brad through the part of the ribbon that was still solid (I used my paper piercer to make a hole first -- in the ribbon and in the front of the card), tucked the solid end under the brad, twisted the strings a little (right near where they came out from the brad), trimmed the solid parts that would not stay tucked under the brad and then attached it to the card. I tried to trim as little of the solid part as possible so that my tassle would not fall apart.

Be sure to attach the brad to the front of the cap before attaching the inside of the card. That way you cover up the brad prongs. Also, once you have it positioned like you want it, trim the ends of the tassle so they are even.

I used the 1/2" polka dot Crushed Curry ribbon that was available last year because I did the card in Blue and Gold for our local school colors. It was a lot of work to unravel, maybe because of the polka dots. Next time I will try the 5/8" grosgrain that we currently sell.

I have unraveled other grosgrains so I'm sure it was that particular ribbon that was the problem. I used 1/4" grosgrain on the card with the small cap in the 4/18 post. On the first try, it unraveled so easily that I unraveled the whole thing before I could stop and ended up with a bunch of strings!

Also, one end will unravel more easily than the other. So, if you pull on the top cross thread and it doesn't seem to want to unravel, try the other end.

Hope that helps. If the directions aren't clear, please feel free to ask and I'll try to clarify. Congratulations on your son's graduation!

Waseem said...

wow so beautiful card holder and gift card..i would like to keep it in mind and will use when i have to design Gift Card envelopes.

Sue Root said...

Thanks for your nice comment Waseem. I'm glad you liked the graduation gift card holder. I'm sure any grad who receives one you make will be very happy.


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