Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hexagon Bird Box

This project uses the Envelope Punch Board, which is on the Weekly Deals this week! Order the punch board from me and I'll send you a tutorial of how to make this box!
I'm really excited about this project because I developed the pattern myself. I got some ideas from different projects, but the the hexagon box and adding the lid came from me. The way it's decorated was also my design. Hope you enjoy it!

Here's a view from the top. It's actually a removable lid so you can use it as decor or as an actual box. How cute would it be to give a gift in this?

I know the eggs probably aren't available this time of year, but you could probably use round candies and no one would complain. I was fortunate enough to get to demonstrate this project to a group of other demonstrators in March. Not sure why it never made it on my blog...maybe so I could post it when the Envelope Punch Board is on sale ;)

See another project and a video about the Envelope Punch Board here. This is also the tool used to make those cute file folder cards you've seen. We made one of those in club one month.

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