Sunday, September 24, 2017

NC Stampin' Up! Demos September Blog Hop - Get Techie

Image may contain: textWelcome to this month's North Carolina Stampin' Up! Demonstrators Blog Hop. Our theme this month is Get Techie - no, not technology. It's all about techniques. I love a good technique and if you don't now, I'll bet you will by the time you're done with this month's blog hop.

I love the Rock 'n' Roll technique -- especially with leaf cards. It's pretty simple in theory, but sometimes takes a few tries to get a feel for it. Once you get it down, though, it adds a lot to a card with only a little extra effort on your part.

 See how pretty those leaves look in two tone. The third one up actually has three colors. To do this technique, first ink up your stamp in your lighter color. Always do the lighter color first. Otherwise your ink pad can end up a big mess. Next, roll the edges of your stamp on your darker color ink pad. When you look at your stamp, you'll be able to see the two colors of ink. Then, stamp it where you want it.

If you get ink on your block you may want to wipe it off before you stamp, just to make sure you don't mess up your project. Also, be sure to clean your stamp before re-inking. Otherwise you'll leave dark ink on your light pad.

One of the fun things about this technique is that each one can turn out different. To me, it makes the leaves look even more natural. After all, they don't all turn at the same time in nature.

Here's another card I made with the Rock 'n' Roll technique. I did the sentiment as well as the leaves on this one. The stamps on both cards are from Colorful Seasons.

On this card, the leaves have a similar amount of color on the outside edges. Since I wanted that look, I  used the same rolling motion each time. For the top card, I wanted more variation, so I alternated how much of the edge rolled into the ink pad. The more you practice, the more control you will have how much ink you pick up on the roll.

 We are making the top card in this month's class, along with two other cards. There is one session left, on Tuesday night. If you are local and would like to come, let me know. I can be reached at the email address in the header or message me on my facebook page.

Have you used this technique before? If so, leave a comment to let me know which set you did it with. Or maybe share your favorite technique. I always like hearing about a new one. And now on to the next blog in the hop, Sue Stapp, who will have another technique for you. Happy Stampin' and thanks for dropping by.

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Unknown said...

Rock & Roll is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing, Sue!

Christina Walker said...

Such a beautiful card and project


Great card and technique, Sue. Thanks for the reminder. I will be using it soon.

Melissa Kerman said...

Thanks for the reminder. I haven't done this technique in a while but it's definitely super fun and easy to get a great look. I love how you've used it with several colors on all your little leaves!

Jo Anne Hewins said...

Great technique. So good here in the fall for leaves. There really is a learning curve for it and you have mastered it for sure.

Laurie Meier said...

Love this technique! The leaves look amazing with the two-toned colors. The leaves look very realistic.


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