Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stampin' Kits (My Digital Studio)

I like to carry a small stamping kit with me so that when I get stuck waiting somewhere, I can pull it out and be productive.  I used wood mount stamp boxes (being replaced by a new style).  So far, I have two sizes.  Both covers were made in MDS.  Here they are closed:

Here's a peek inside the larger one.  As you can see, I can carry all of the supplies necessary to make cards.  For this size, the card base must be folded to fit.  Sometimes I cut or punch pieces in advance, since neither the Big Shot nor the big punches will fit in this Stampin' Kit.  If I was making a set of cards at home, I'd punch them all out at once to save time.  So instead of moving to the next step right away, they go in my box with the other card pieces, to be stamped and assembled later.
Here are the cover pages as created in My Digital Studio:

These boxes are so handy.  I intend to make more for storing and carrying other things.  In fact, the small one has been re-purposed for holding my Simply Adorned charms and inserts.  I guess I need to make a new cover to reflect its new use.

Edit 5/22/13 - Two more ideas:

1)  These would also be great for gift boxes.  You could personalize them to match the gift.  Wrap the gift in tissue paper before putting it in the box so that you can't see what it is, insert the decorative cover, close the box, and you're done.  You can also tie a ribbon around it and add a bow to make it even nicer.  If you use the box to give handmade cards, then the recipient has a nice box to keep the cards in until they get used.

2)  If you don't have MDS, you could create cover inserts the traditional way - using card stock, stamps, punches, etc. 

Edit 11/12/13 - I have really liked having my Simply Adorned charms (retired, but the 1.5" x 2" size is still available on the Clearance Rack), chains, and inserts in one of these boxes.  It's a great way to keep them all together.  I just went into MDS and changed what my cover says.  If I really wanted to get organized, I'd scan all of the inserts and put a picture on the front cover.  Then I'd be able to see what I have without having to open the box.  Maybe one of these days...

So basically, with MDS you can make any kind of cover insert so you can use the boxes for anything you want.  And because the covers are inserted inside the box, they don't get messed up and they are easy to replace. 

I personally have not bought these boxes because I have been converting my retired wood mount stamps into clear mount (using the Clear Mount Cling Foam, 124236 - if you have questions about how to do this, please feel free to ask me).   So I have plenty of empty boxes to use - and I love that I can re-purpose them rather than throw them away.  However, if you haven't done this yet or need new boxes (say for a gift), you can get them from Stampin' Up!

Since the Stamp and Supply boxes are being retired, Stampin' Up! has offered a great price on these:

We are excited about the recent announcement of our new wood-mount stamp cases and want to give you a chance to get our outgoing placon storage boxes before they are gone. We have specially packaged the following placon boxes in packs of 10 at a great price.

 Item  Description Price
 134676  Stamp & Supply Boxes (10 Pack) 3-3/8" x 2"  $2.95
 134677   Stamp & Supply Boxes (10 Pack) 4-1/4" x 3"  $3.95
 134678   Stamp & Supply Boxes (10 Pack) 5-1/4 x 4-1/4"  $4.95
 134679    Stamp & Supply Boxes (10 Pack) 6-1/4" x 4-1/2"  $6.95
 134680  Stamp & Supply Boxes (10 Pack) 8" x 5-1/4"  $7.95
 134681   Stamp & Supply Boxes (10 Pack) 8" x 5-1/4" with tray  $7.95
 134682  Stamp & Supply Boxes (10 Pack) 10-1/4" x 5"  $8.95

The placon boxes are only available while supplies last, so order yours today and get organized!*

Edit 1/20/14 - These Stamp & Supply Boxes are still available on the Clearance Rack.  The prices have gone down significantly!



Great idea Sue! Thanks. Frances

Ariel said...

Sue, what a great idea and clever way to use those boxes!

Sue said...

Thank you, Frances and Ariel, for your nice comments. I added a couple of more ideas, so be sure to look for the addition (in red).

Jeannie F. said...

This is such a fantastic idea!!! I'm converting my wood stamps to clear mount so now I have something to do with all those empty boxes!! LOL!!!


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