Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pizza Card (guest stamper Nancy Baker)

Today I am sharing a punch art card made by my friend and customer, Nancy Baker.  I've shared her work before.

Nancy made a pizza shop, complete with chef and a pizza slice.  Nancy's maiden name is Neno in case you're wondering about the name of the pizzeria.  Isn't this just cute as can be?

 Here's a better look at the pizza slices.  If they were a little bigger, they'd be cute as a pizza shaped card.
Hope you enjoyed seeing Nancy's work as much as I did.  She's very talented, isn't she?

Edit 4/10/13 - While Nancy designed the card herself, she got the idea for the pizza from Pinterest.  I tried to follow the source, but when I clicked on the picture (which usually takes me there) it kept sending me to Google reader (that had nothing about the card in question).  So, it says this at the top of the Pinterest picture:  Sue Quebedeaux via Kris Boydstun

I went to Kris Boydstun's Pinterest (a Google search did not turn up a blog).  I went through pages and pages of cards and did not see it.  But, there are over 3,000 so I could have missed it.  It looks like the watermark on the card says Kristine Boydstun.  So, that's the best I can do to give credit to the original designer.  It does look like Nancy made an improvement on the crust.

Later on the same Pinterest page there was a card with a chef by Lynn Pratt, which may have been the inspiration for Nancy's chef.  Just wanted to give credit where it's due.

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