Monday, November 4, 2013

TSSC 287 Peace on Earth

Oh my goodness!  I love, love, love this card!  Sometimes when I photograph a card, the resulting picture doesn't do the card justice.  This is one of those times - this card definitely looks way better in person.  It's so simple, but really makes an impact.  I'm trying to decide if I like it better without the Cherry Cobbler piece (which I added to get closer to the sketch).  Guess I'll have to make another one so I can compare them ;)  The funny thing is, even though I created it, it wasn't really me.

I took kind of an embarrassing fall at church last night.  Of course, the Youth Group was coming out at that exact moment.  I must say, the teenagers that rushed to my assistance did not laugh at all - at least not at the time.  Afterwards when it was clear I was okay, I would fully expect them to - I did. was an all-out, face forward splat.  Everything I was carrying went flying.  I'm sure it looked pretty funny.  But what I'm getting to is that I was pretty sore last night (not hurt, just sore).  And because of my busy week I had planned to do the sketch when I got home Sunday evening.

I really just wanted to soak in the hot tub to soothe my aches and then go to bed, but I had this card to make.  So, I went upstairs and hoped some inspiration would come.  Guess God interpreted my hope as a prayer because once I laid eyes on this stamp, the idea popped into my head.  This stamp has been sitting for two weeks waiting for me to do something with it and here when I really didn't even want to think about stamping (a rare occurrence indeed), I made one of my favorite cards of the season.  That's why I don't feel like I can take credit for it.

If you read my blog regularly, you know I stick pretty much to talking about stamping, but in this case I felt I needed to share (as Paul Harvey would say)...the rest of the story.  And although I never made it to the hot tub, I am happy to say that I am not nearly as sore this morning as I thought I'd be.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled message...

Here is the sketch for this week's Techno Stamper Sketch Challenge:
Sketch 287 - Due November 3 | Technostamper Monday Lunchtime Sketch Team
Create your own project using this sketch and then link it at the TSSC site.  You can see the rest of the design team samples there or at each of their blogs (click their name for the link).

Happy Stampin' and I hope you have a blessed week!  Sue

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Ariel said...

Sue, you poor dear! I'm sorry you took a fall and I love your description. I have to say, I probably would have laughed after I knew you were ok :)

I like your card with the map as the background, but I am agreeing with you that I'm not sure about the cherry piece. Maybe if it was thinner and higher and maybe with flagged ends...
I would love to see your round two on this.
Thanks for the smiles as I read your "rest of the story" and the lovely card.


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