Monday, January 9, 2012

Fun Filled Team Meeting

When you sign up to become a Stampin' Up demonstrator you become part of a team.  The team I belong to met this past weekend for a team meeting.  We spent time stamping and sharing our creativity.  Below are some of the cards my fellow demos made.  I'm not going to show the ones I made because they will be appearing on my blog later.

This card was made by my very talented downline Debra.  Isn't it great?  Downline means that Debra signed up to be a demonstrator with me.  I am delighted to have her as my downline.  I'd be delighted to have you as my downline, too.

These were made by other demos, who in Stampin' Up lingo are called my sidelines:

 These are the team members who were able to come this weekend.  Thanks to my upline Frances Wagner (on the left) who let me use her pictures for this blog entry.  Then clockwise from Frances:  Karel Standish, Debbie Green, Debra Rhyne, and Deb Dobb.  If you're looking for me, I'm behind the camera.  Want to join this group and come to our next meeting?  Contact me or see here for details (and click Join the Fun).

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