Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last Chance Lists

Well, Stampin' Up has released the last chance lists.  The items on the accessories list are only available while supplies last (and some are already gone), but no later than June 30.  The stamps and Definitely Decorative items will be available until June 30.

Accessories List:

Stamp List:

Definitely Decorative List:

The stamp and Definitely Decorative lists are available in a sortable Excel spreadsheet.  I can't figure out a way to link those, but if you are interested, I can try to e-mail them to you.

I will be happy to order any of these items, or any other Stampin' Up products, for you.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

So, the list is posted.  What do you think?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  I'll start:  I'm really surprised by the number of Big Shot dies on the list.  Knew the items with retiring colors would have to go.  Was surprised by the number of punches until Tiffany (from the morning club) pointed out re-configured column.  Looks like they'll be back in a different form (most likely the new flat style).

I'm surprised by some of the stamps going, but not others.  And surprised by some that aren't going.  I need to spend more time with that list.

I'm very excited, though, because with all the products going that means more room in the catalog for new products!  Stampin' Up has announced that the catalog will be 16 pages bigger this time, too.  Lots of new stuff!!!

Please keep in mind that these are only my personal thoughts and do not represent Stampin' Up in any way.

Okay, your turn.  Leave a comment with your thoughts on the last chance lists.

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