Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Cards

I have been busy since I last posted. I got sick (YUCK!) -- knocked me out for a couple of days, had a birthday (Yeah!), am in the middle of a visit from my in-laws (also Yeah!) and today we celebrated my daughter Catherine's birthday (she's 15 -- where does the time go?). Today I am posting 3 of the four hand crafted cards that I received for my birthday. I am not posting the fourth because it was a postcard (from the Card Ministry at my church) done on glossy cardstock. Think I have trouble photographing cards? Try getting a good picture of a glossy one!

Because I think somewhere I've written that all products are Stampin' Up unless otherwise noted, I'm noting that the card from my friend Doris and the one from my daughter aren't all Stampin' Up.  Also, I want to mention that all of these cards are much (MUCH) prettier in person.  I just can't seem to get good photos.  I'll keep at it, though, and one of these days...

This is the card my daughter Nicole made.  I taught a class on making hinge cards at Easter and she thought they were pretty cool.  Without me knowing it, she took one of the cards I had made and figured out how to make her own.  This is her birthday version of a hinge card.  She's a pretty talented little card maker (I know, spoken like a proud momma -- well, I am).

This pretty card came from my friend Doris.  We both enjoy all kinds of crafts and have enjoyed "talking crafts" for years.  She's also my UMW Prayer Partner.

This last card totally surprised me.  I belong to an online demo group called NCSU Demos (that's North Carolina Stampin' Up, not NC State University -- though I do like them, too).  We share tips, project ideas and business information.  Just another great resource available to demos.  Anyhow, this card was made by Jana Suthers and sent on behalf of the group.  How nice is that?

Thanks Nicole, Doris and Jana (and the NCSU Demos) for the beautiful cards.  I certainly appreciate each of them.

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