Friday, December 23, 2011

My Digital Studio Christmas Card

If you've put off your Christmas cards until now, you need something you can make fast.  Well, today's card is as quick as you can get.  I made today's card using My Digital Studio (MDS).  MDS comes with many pre-designed cards, some of which are for Christmas.

All I did was opened MDS, selected the type of card I wanted to make, chose Designer Card and then selected this card from all of the pre-designed choices that were available.  I could have added to the front of the card, but I liked it just the way it is.


When making your MDS card you have the option to add personal touches to the other pages of the card.  For the message on the inside of the card you can use one of the provided stamps or you can type in your own message (or a combination of both).  At this point your card is ready to print.  Stampin' Up offers professional print services and the cards from there are extremely nice.  I have a sample if you're local and would like to see how nice they turn out.  But, if you're looking for a card in time for Christmas, you'll have to print it using your printer (which fortunately is another option).

MDS is quick and easy to use.  It took me longer to do this blog post than it did to make the card.  You could further personalize the card by adding photos (maybe on left flap as you open the card).  On the back of the card you could add a snippet that the card was created by you.  And if you don't want to use the pre-designed cards or want to utilize your own creativity, you can design your own card from scratch.  It really is a versatile program.

The card design and stamp images in this post are copyrighted by Stampin' Up.  But if you order your own copy of MDS you can use this card and all of the other myriad stamps, card designs, photo album designs, calendars and more that are included with the program.  You can order yours today through my online store.

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