Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Single Stamps Now Available

Stampin’ Up! is excited to offer you the chance to buy single pieces from these select stamp sets: Word Play, Perfectly Penned, and Seasonal Sayings. The offer will be available now through January 2, 2013.

UPDATE:  10/25/12:  Stampin' Up has introduced more single stamps, including some never before seen stamps.  You can see them here.

  • These stamps are available on any order type. 
  • You can find the stamp item numbers below.
  • These won't be sent in our typical cases or packaging; they'll be packaged in cello bags. If you'd like a case for your stamp, you can buy our Clear-Mount Stamp Cases that come in packs of four (item 119105).
  • This offer is available for clear-mount stamps only.
  • The stamps won't come with a Clear-Mount Block, and you'll need to buy a block separately if you don't already have one.*
  • There's no limit on how many pieces you can buy.
  • Remember that this is a pilot program, so take advantage of it while you can!
 My two cents:  if you really want only one stamp from one of these sets, this is the way to go.  But, if you are planning to order more than one, be sure to check out the cost of the complete set.  You might find that for the price difference you'd rather have the whole set.

$4.95 US  132294  Sick                              Block C
$4.95 US  132295  I Do                              Block C
$5.95 US  132296  Laughter                        Block D
$4.95 US  132297  Wish Big                       Block C
$6.95 US  132298  In My Thoughts              Block H
$5.95 US  132299  You Mean the World       Block D
$4.95 US  132300  Worth the Wait               Block C
$4.95 US  132301  Imagine                         Block D
$6.95 US  132302  Rememeber When         Block I
$4.95 US  132303  Joy                               Block C
$6.95 US  132304  Dreams                         Block E
$4.95 US  132305  Thanks a Million             Block D

Entire Set:  Word Play   $28.95   120651
$4.95 US  132306  Thank You             Block D
$4.95 US  132308  Get Well                Block C
$5.95 US  132307  Celebrate Today     Block H
$5.95 US  132309  Happy Birthday      Block H

Entire Set:  Perfectly Penned  $12.95   122892
$5.95 US  132310  Christmas      Block H
$5.95 US  132311  Halloween      Block H
$5.95 US  132312  Thanks          Block H
$4.95 US  132313  Love              Block D
$5.95 US  132314  Celebrate       Block H

Entire Set:  Seasonal Sayings  $16.95  

*Recommendation for clear-mount block size only; block not included

Single stamps and any other stamping supplies you may need can be purchased through my Online Store.  If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact me.

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