Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday MDS Style

This card was made using My Digital Studio (MDS) for a very special person whose birthday is on the 4th of July.  I made her a traditional card, too, but I like to make digital cards to send as e-mail attachments -- kind of a bonus birthday wish.  It's easy to do.  Instead of printing the card, just save it as a jpeg.

I started with a pre-designed card and changed it into a birthday card.  I had originally started designing my own card from scratch, but wasn't quite getting what I wanted.  I'm sure you can understand when sometimes the creative juices just aren't flowing.  Then I remembered that I had a whole bunch of card templates in my MDS program from which to choose.  Because I really love designing, I don't usually utilize the templates.  But they are an awesome resource that I really should check out more often.

Hope you all had a very happy Independence Day!!  Guess this could have been a birthday card for the USA, too! :)

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